Amp Repairs - North London

Valve Amplifiers

All makes of valve amps repaired - Marshall , Fender , Boogie , Ampeg , Vox , Watkins , Selmer , Laney , Peavey , Matchless etc. From a routine service to a complete renovation.
All repairs to valve amps include a bias check and a full output check.
Estimates are free of charge.

Solid State Amplifiers

All makes of solid state amps are repaired . As with valve amplifiers , a full output check is carried out. All PCB solder joints are inspected and controls and sockets routinely cleaned .


Various modifications can be undertaken , such as adding a master volume control to early Marshalls , adding extra footswitchable gain and master controls , re wiring to an earlier specification etc. If you have any customizing ideas of your own , I would be happy to discuss them with you.


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