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I've been making and repairing guitars for over 35 years and repairing amplifiers for over 25 years now. I began making guitars because it was the only way I could get hold of one.I built my first guitar when I was 14 .I fitted a pair of burns pick ups and sold it for 6.00. Thinking that maybe there was a living to be made in the unlikely event my bid for rock stardom failing, I took a 3 year guitar making course at the London College of Furniture.On completion of the course I carried on making and repairing guitars joined Andy's Guitar Workshop in central London where I gained much experience repairing guitars. I started working for Fender in 1980 repairng guitars, amplifiers and rhodes electric pianos. I returned to Andy's guitar shop, to take over the electronic repair side of the business, in 1994. I have repaired literally thousands of guitars and amplifiers and as a gigging musician (still) I appreciate the importance of having optimally performing instruments and amplification.